Friday, September 17, 2010

Fat Elvis

Still the mucous monster holds me captive as I enter the third week on what seems to be an endless sickness that I can not shake.  I had to go back to the doctor once again to get another round of anti-biotics and to be scolded (in a nice way) that I shouldn't have stopped my inhaler just because I misplaced it.  The good news is I am breathing once again, albeit, with some periods of utter clogginess that has to be cleared.  I am being faithful to the doctor's orders this time and am taking my meds as prescribed.  Again, I say, I am SO glad I am not running Sunday's the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon (nee' Philadelphia Distance Run) as I would be pulling my hair out now worrying about whether or not I should run it afterall.  Luckily, I can sleep in and take care of my health.  (To those who are running, the very best of luck.  It seems they have changed the course this year and the last 4 miles will be on MLK Drive, not Kelly Drive).

But, the lack of races doesn't bother me one bit, though, in truth, I thought they should.  So, why isn't it bothering me?  There is a special edition of Rolling Stone out that names the Top 100 Beatles Song.  I saw Paul McCartney this past summer and he talked about some of the meanings to the songs he wrote as a Beatle.  This peaked my interested as to the origins and inspirations of other songs, so I purchased a copy of the magazine. 

I had the magazine for awhile but, late one night while not being able to sleep, I picked it up and started reading about each song.  There was a picture in it of 'the boys' that John Lennon talked about later in his life as he mentioned he didn't particularly like.  He remembered there was so much going on in his life at the time when the picture was taken, that he wasn't taking care of himself at all and, frankly, didn't care how he looked.  He admits this being the 'fat Elvis' period of his life. 

And, so it is with me.  Not that I've gotten fat.  Maybe a little.  But, since the beginning of the year, I couldn't drive my life with an exercise regime or race schedule.  There were too many other things pulling at me that I didn't want to be responsible for yet something else.  I wanted to let go and have a 'fat Elvis' running period of my life.  If I ran, I ran.  If I raced, I'd race.  But, I didn't want to look at calendars or charts or calories.  

I will one day.  I promise.  I see my friends improving their running while I muddle about.  I'm envious.  That's good.  I think about what location I can go to in order to run a fall half marathon, or, dare I say, a marathon?  So, there is hope.  I just need to be 'fat Elvis' a little longer.

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