Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm not in Kansas anymore

But, it sure felt like it!!!!

Last year, on my baseball halfway-across-the-country trip, I ran a 5k in Kansas.  I was just getting over swine flu but I ran the race nevertheless.  In what I considered, to be the hottest conditions I've ever run a race before.  It wasn't hot but humid as well as I limped in around a time of 32 minutes.

Yesterday, I ran the Moyer & Sons 5k in Souderton, PA in was similar conditions to what my 5k in Kansas was.  Except, the temps at the start of yesterday's race hovered around 99 (F).

My strategy---don't push myself.  Just take it easy.  Afterall, it was my first race of the year.

My goal--run the whole race even the hills at around 30 minutes.  If I ran the whole race, I would be happy.  If I ran it under 30 minutes, even happier. 

I'm pleased to say that I, in fact, did manage to run the whole race even though there were bodies strewn about dealing with the heat.  You could just tell that they had gone out too fast.  Did they struggle.  Boy, did they struggle.

I was the turtle yesterday.  Slow and steady. 

With around 200 yards to the finish, I saw the clock and realized I could beat 30 minutes.  So, I picked it up and started passing people left and right.  And, got in under the wire.  Without blowing a gasket.  I clocked myself at 29:45.  And, I was very happy without result as I still had enough energy to meet up with the Blue Dawgs for Trivia Night at the Blue Dog. 

It's good to be back. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The Moyer & Son 5k in Souderton, PA is tonight.  I've been planning on running this race since June.  It would be my first 5k of the year and I've been looking forward to getting out and doing a race this year. 

So, what's the problem.  Well, the high temperature for the day is suppose to be 101 (F).  Granted, it's cooler than yesterday's 102 (F) but not that much.  Do I still run it?

I wasn't going to try for a PR whether it was 101 or 51 (F).  It was just to get out a get a race under my belt.  Didn't care too much about the time (too much, anyway).

So, deciding now on whether or not if it's worth it or just wait until next week's Phil's Tavern 5k. 

I promise I'll be careful.